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Welcome to Twin Town, an outpatient treatment center where a group of individuals meet daily as they begin the road to sobriety. These profiles reveal how addiction strikes individuals from all walks of life through personal accounts, observations, and interviews. Real patients share their real stories and find they are not alone in rehab.

Brandi Cruz lets the patients speak for themselves as she shares their intake histories, revealing social backgrounds, family dischord, and and offering insight into time-honored Twelve Step recovery principles.

This second edition of Delve Into Twelve features two brothers and the demise of their family, as well as an intimate look into one woman's relapse after an extended length of sobriety. Her story is all too common, reminding readers of how unpredictable the disease of addiction can be.

Key features:

  • features first-person stories of overcoming addiction by actual patients admitted to an 18 month substance abuse program
  • shares what the families and friends of those battling drug use endure as their loved one fights the disease
  • excellent resource for parents, partners and professionals who find their lives disrupted when drugs and alcohol interrupt their lives, careers and relationships.

About the author:

Delve Into Twelve, first published in 2006, was written as the author herself was addressing her own battle with a dual diagnosis of substance abuse and manic depression.

Brandi Cruz is a writer living in Long Beach, Ca.